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Softball Camps.

Have a rewarding and fun time by attending Hi Five Coaching’s Softball Camps.  Check out the Event details below and Book today!

Proud member of the Arnold Classic Africa Sports Festival

Upcoming Events

Hi Five Coaching builds a program to your budget.

Skills for softball are specialised and need to be taught, monitored and developed to create a talented pool and program.  Private Coaching in conjunction with quality seasonal coaches is essential to have success and create opportunities like playing abroad,  scholarships at school and local and overseas universities.




B O O K  Y O U R  S P O T  H E R E


  • Coaching Camps at schools
  • Supply of coaches
  • Residential Camps
  • Coaching Courses for athletes, parents and coaches
  • Quality support coaches
  • Excellent Coach to player ratio
  • Follow-up resources and support
  • Private coaching
  • Supply of equipment

Our Curriculum

  • Softball skills and development and game strategy
  • Video Analysis and feedback
  • Strength and Conditioning Program
  • Indoor Softball Program
  • Coach Education Levels
  • Scoring and Umpire Courses
  • SAT preparation for College applications
  • Touring possibilities
  • Running events and Coaching Youth
  • Mental and vision training
  • Athlete mentorship



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